Determined to rid galaxy of Rebel scum, Darth Vader adopts, cleans road

WSLS - BLACKSBURG, Virginia (WSLS 10) – Drivers along Route 460 in Blacksburg on Thursday may have noticed a Sith Lord straight out of Star Wars along the median.

Darth Vader adopted a mile-and-a-half stretch through the Adopt-a-Highway program in Blacksburg. He even has a sign to prove it.

It turns out the creative name is not only legal, it was approved by VDOT. Engineer David Clarke was surprised when the Wakley's application came across his desk.

"Jimmy Buffett fans and the Parrot Head Association have a sign somewhere (in Virginia)," Clarke said. "But there's really nothing on this galactic level."

Darth Vader, a.k.a. Henry Wakley of Blacksburg, spends most of his time in New Zealand working when he isn't aboard the Death Star or in Blacksburg.

Wakley had to pass several standard guidelines, including two highway clean ups, before VDOT would agree to the sign. He convinced the agency the sign was not a joke, and he intended to take care of the highway and draw attention to the adopt a highway program.

"We'd love to have more people follow Mr. Vader's example and help us keep the highways clean," Clarke professed.

He's home in Blacksburg for two weeks so he decided to pick up some trash.

"I like to get out here and dress up because it makes people smile driving by," Wakley said."The lack of cleanliness disrupts me."

Throughout the day, many drivers honked, waved or even stopped by to take a picture.He said it's a fun way to bring awareness to the environment.

"We need to end this destructive behavior to restore the galaxy," Wakley said.

He said someone alerted police that Batman was walking along the highway, but police quickly cleared up the confusion that it was actually Darth Vader cleaning up, using the Force for good, not evil.

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