Water deal moves forward between San Marcos and Kyle

SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) -- San Marcos City Council members are moving forward with a deal to sell water to the city of Kyle. The contract will allow the city of Kyle to take up to 500,000 gallons of treated water per day.

San Marcos has been working with Kyle since 2008, providing the city with treated water on an "as needed basis." Jon Clack, assistant director of Public Services for Kyle, said he does not consider San Marcos as a big source of water.

Clack said in the past two years, Kyle's average usage is less than 30,000 gallons a month. During the 2010-2011 drought, their average usage was 904,000 gallons a month.

"The drought of 2011, you know May, June and July that's when things were really bad," said Kyle Treatment Operations Division Manager Jason Biemer. "But, it just required some really careful attention to operations. As certain levels were running low we would just go back and forth through the system to try and make everything work."

Currently, not in a drought, Biemer said Kyle needs much less than that.

"On any given month it would be between 15 and 20,000," said Biemer.

San Marcos will bill Kyle by their current wholesale rate for water which is $4.56 per 1,000 gallons.

"While this is certainly a help to us, there is also a profit stream for the City of San Marcos. It's certainly not something that is just given away. Beyond that, that's what partnerships are about and we're committed to being a partner with San Marcos and the other cities in the area for water and wastewater in the future," said Biemer.

Biemer said compared to 2011, even though Kyle's population has grown, their need for water is much less thanks to the city-wide water saving efforts.

"Our conservation program has netted almost 20 percent in savings over the last five years, so we feel really good about that. What that has basically done is it's allowed us to need less water to serve the same number of people or growing population."

Biemer adds that with the San Marcos agreement, water users in Kyle will not see any changes to their water rates or bills. "If we had to rely on that water day in and day out then yes, that would have an effect on the bill, but using it here or there and randomly in just using it when we need it for short periods of time, does not."

The contract between the cities also states that there is no guarantee that San Marcos will have to deliver the water if there is some kind of restriction placed on the city or if the city simply does not have the water to share.


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