Driftwood teen calls for tougher sentence after witnesses dad's murder

Tessa Andrade - SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN)  -- "When my dad was murdered, it was in front of me ," Hailee Saxon said. She was 12 when her dad, Johnny, was shot and killed in front of her.  "We actually just got back from the pool so were gonna go listen to music and records on vinyl."

But Hailee and her dad never got to have the jam session they were hoping for. When they turned a corner, Hailee says Louis Anthony Ramos shot and killed her dad.

A Hays County jury convicted and sentenced Ramos to 35 years in prison the 2014 murder of Johnny Saxon, 48.

Hailee says she isn't sure what the motive was but, earlier that day Ramos was on her dad's property and got into a verbal and physical argument with another friend, Rick Clark. Saxon and others begged Ramos to leave, but Ramos walked back to his trailer, grabbed a firearm and returned looking for Clark. When Saxon turned the corner of his home to get Ramos to leave, Ramos shot Saxon. After shooting her dad, Ramos pointed a gun at Hailee and threatened to kill her and her grandmother if they called the police.

On the night of the murder, there was a manhunt that lasted several hours before the Hay's County Sheriff's Office captured him. Police found Ramos with a gunshot wound to the knee.

Prosecutors say the Saxon family rented Ramos a trailer on their Hays County property near Driftwood.

Even with a 35-year sentence, Hailee doesn't understand why the a jury didn't sentence Ramos to life behind bars.

"If you take a life you shouldn't be able to live yours," Hailee says. Hailee says she will be back in this courthouse in about 17 years when Ramos is up for parole. She says she will be there to plead why he should stay in jail. "If you took away the rest of that time that he had to live, then I don't think he should be able to live that. It's never going to be over, but it is a lot of stress relief now."

Earlier this week, the jury found Ramos guilty of murder and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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