Homeowners near Kyle dam told to prepare for flooding

KYLE, Texas (KXAN) - Residents living south of the Goforth Dam in Kyle were told to prepare Thursday morning for flooding. Those living in the area tell KXAN that Hays County Sheriff's deputies knocked on their doors and told them they needed to prepare if the dam were to breach.

"I started packing stuff up and throwing it into the RV, I didn't sleep very heavily last night, that's for sure," said David Morgenstern, who lives just blocks away from the dam. "I am very concerned, you can't help but be. I worry about my neighbors and some of the people that are even closer to the dam than we are."

Since last week parts of northern Hays County has seen more than 9-inches of rain. A lot of that water rushed into Plum Creek putting tremendous strain on a few small dams protecting homes from flooding.

The dam on Goforth Road was constructed in the late 1960s, at that time it was considered a low hazard, but as more and more people began to move into the area and build homes downstream of the dam, the state reclassified it as a high hazard.

"The concern here is that if we get a flood that is of huge proportions of water, we can just do so much," said Dam site representative Johnie Halliburton.

Since October, the structure has been under construction to make it as safe as possible and bring it up to the safety standard of Texas. The recent amount of rainfall has filled the lake on the other side. Johnie Halliburton from the Plum Creek Conservation District says it's nine feet from overflowing.

"The situation is being continually monitored, and everything is under control, there is not a problem. If we should see a problem that may arise with too much rain then at that time the proper authorities would be notified so they can let those in the area know," said Halliburton.

Construction will include raising the walls and pouring concrete to keep the water inside the lake. Construction is expected to be complete in the next two years.

"We can still handle some rain without a problem. If it's a large abundance, at that point…like I say we are continually monitoring it," said Halliburton.

Hays County will be sending out alerts regarding the dam, to sign up click here.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story referred to an evacuation warning. Residents have not been asked to evacuate. 

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