GISD investigating teacher's Facebook post to former student

GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) -- A Georgetown High School teacher is under fire for a Facebook post. Kurt Thompson teaches Spanish and tells KXAN he was suspended last week. He says he was just defending himself against former students who said those who support Donald Trump are racist.

In the post on a former student's Facebook page, Thompson refers to the people she surrounds herself with as "not very classy." Thompson continues in the post continues saying, "Don't ever call me a racist again or I will rat you out online for how you couldn't even cut it in Spanish... or come to class on a regular basis."

"Former or not, you're supposed to be that good example."

KXAN spoke to a former student who wanted to remain anonymous. She says she had Thompson as a teacher at one point during school. "We learned in high school, in Georgetown, that every single action has a consequence," she said.

The student is one of more than 180 people who signed an online petition to get Thompson fired. "If he is going to act this way then he probably shouldn't be a teacher and he shouldn't be able to shape minds."

The Georgetown Independent School District is now investigating whether Thompson's Facebook comments violated policies listed under Personal Use of Electronic Media in their employee handbook.

Part of the policy states "As role models for the district's students, employees are responsible for their public conduct even when they are not acting as district employees." The policy continues, "Employees will be held to the same professional standards in their public use of electronic media as they are for any other public conduct."

Thompson tells KXAN the investigation will likely wrap up next week. Thompson did not want to comment on camera since the investigation is ongoing.

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