Rundberg Running Man: Shining light in dark times

KXAN Staff - AUSTIN (KXAN) -- A community known for crime is cleaning up its streets. KXAN's photojournalist Daniel Guerrero introduces the man neighbors say is a shining light in a changing community.

For the last four years, Austin police have put extra officers on foot in North Austin in the area known as the Restore Rundberg Project. One of the goals is to help build relationships between neighbors and officers.

The Rundberg Running Man, Broderick James, can be seen running and rapping in the streets of North Austin, spreading his message to the community. He uses his daily 20 mile run to "speak life to the people," voicing community concerns in an effort to stop violence in this area of the city.

On the verge of committing suicide seven years ago, the Running Man said he was looking for motivation. Running changed his life and he wants to help others change their too, said Running Man.

"Everybody knows me as Rungberg Running Man."

"Can't you see I mastered the intersection. I've done it so good that they've been so misunderstood."

"I connected with Running Man. I would say my life changed. Things are not always what they seem."

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