Rock thrown from I-35 breaks man's collarbone

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- A Houston man is one of five people injured in the latest rash of rock throwing incidents on Interstate 35.

Marcus Shade and his fiance were in Austin for a friend's graduation. They were headed back to their hotel going northbound around 11:15 p.m. on Saturday, May 21, right where the upper and lower decks on I-35 split.

Shade's fiance was in the passenger seat, when he says a rock came crashing through the windshield, hitting him on the shoulder. He pulled over, felt an excruciating pain and later found out the rock had broken his collarbone.

"There's nothing I can really compare it to except almost having a missile come through my windshield," he said. "I didn't know that my collarbone was broken until seconds later."

Shade says he's surprised the city has waited so long to put up a fence or find another solution to the rock throwing cases.

Ed Scruggs from the Austin Public Safety Commission says they're waiting on solutions from Austin Police Department and the Texas Department of Transportation.

"Could we put fences on the overpass, netting, something in the highway median to increase the height of that, perhaps fencing or mesh or landscaping, anything," Scruggs suggested.

We asked if they've gotten any answers from APD on any solutions, he says police is working hard to figure things out.

"I think they're trying to use all the technology they can, they're just not at liberty to discuss that, because they want to catch them, I'm confident they're trying to do that," Scruggs says.

In February, police said they believe the rock are being thrown from cars driving in the opposite direction on the interstate. Previously, police thought rocks were being thrown from the side of I-35 and from overpasses.

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