Police send out warning after car burglaries, theft at Barton Springs Pool

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police are warning people to be careful with their belongings at Barton Springs Pool after a string of car burglaries and a theft over the weekend.

According to police, a truck in the pool parking area was burglarized on Saturday, and three more vehicles were burglarized there Sunday.

Officers say on Sunday, two cars were reported to have broken windows with purses stolen. They say in the other car burglary, a door lock was broken and the ignition was tampered with. A backpack with a wallet inside was also taken from that vehicle.

"We've put signs reminding hikers, 'Please, take your valuables, secure your things out of sight, utilize your trunk,'" APD Senior Officer Rosie Perez said. "We've also utilized Nextdoor as a way to get stuff out on social media, just to remind people, 'Hey take care of your belongings, secure them as best you can'"

Also on Sunday, police say someone took a backpack that was left on the ground while someone was swimming inside the pool area. Police say the backpack had the person's wallet and keys inside, and the thief used the keys to steal the person's car. Officers say they found the car the next morning.

Perez encourages anyone using the Barton Springs Pool to use the free lockers in the restrooms, rather than leaving bags, keys or wallets unattended by the pool.

"Just bring your own lock, and that will help ensure that your stuff is secure," Perez said. "We don't want people to be victims of crimes, especially in an area where lockers are available."

Officer Perez says car burglaries go up in the Barton Springs and Zilker Park area during the summer, while more people are there.

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