'No one to blame' for toddler's parking lot death, mother says

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- Two-year-old Amarie Faith Macias loved to follow the older kids. Her family says that's how she was hit and killed in a South Austin parking lot on Sunday.

Extended family members took the toddler Sunday evening to go costume shopping for Halloween. "It was just a normal day, just getting a costume. That's all it was and then this happened," said Destiny Tealer, the little girl's step-grandmother.

When they left the costume store in Southpark Meadows, the family says the toddler ran out into the parking lot, after the older kids.

"We were running to the car," her uncle, 10-year-old Robbie Tealer, Jr. said. "We were seeing who was gonna get to the front seat, but I didn't know that she was following us, and I just heard a loud boom."

"At first when I heard the big boom, at first I thought it was a trash can, but it wasn't," he continued. "I heard my sister say 'Amarie,' so we ran as fast as we could and we saw her laying on the [ground]."

Macias was taken to the hospital, but died a short time later. "She's going to be missed by a lot of people," Destiny continued. "I'm gonna miss waking up to her beautiful smile," said Amiyah Rosas, the toddler's aunt. "I never thought I would lose her so fast."

"I'm gonna miss her talking to me," added Robbie. The mother of the toddler told KXAN News there is no one to blame for the tragic accident, but said she doesn't know how she can move forward after the death of her "sweet angel." "I can't move forward," she explained, crying. "I miss her too much."

Before Amarie died her mother, Shanice Tealer, who was not with her at the time of the accident, said she told her dying daughter she loved her and gave her a kiss. "I told her, 'Don't leave me,' but, she left me," Tealer said, crying.

Amarie was about to become a big sister. Shanice is pregnant with a little girl and is due in December. Her family says she has to be strong for her baby. "May [Amarie] just rest in peace," said Destiny. "We're going to get through this... You have all of us behind you," Destiny told Shanice. "We love you and we're going to be here for you."

The little girl is expected to be laid to rest next weekend.

The driver of the pick-up truck told Austin police he did not realize he struck the child until several witnesses flagged him down and told him to stop. APD says the driver has been cooperative and is "devastated." At last report, police do not anticipate filing any charges against the driver.

Family of the victim has set up a GoFundMe page asking for help with funeral expenses for the little girl. Click here if you are interested in donating. Amarie Faith would have turned 3 years old on Nov. 28.

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