How a bomb-sniffing K-9 checks to see if a package is dangerous

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Jarno's nose knows when something isn't right. The K-9 has worked with his handler, Sgt. Eric Johanson, at the University of Texas at Austin-Police Department for the past four years. With heightened concern in the community following three package explosions, Johanson explains how Jarno works in similar situations to find dangerous substances. 

He says how long a bomb-sniffing dog can work in investigation depends on the dog's condition and the weather. When bomb-sniffing dogs are investigating, they're looking for different odors.

"From commercial-grade explosives to homemade explosives," Johanson said. "They can sniff out 20 different odors."

He adds a package can be cleared very quickly and trained dogs can alert just as quick. 

"As soon as he puts his nose on it," Johanson said.

Once a suspicious item is found, Johanson is alerted and says the next step is to search the package at hand. While UTPD is not assisting the Austin police department with the three explosions investigation, the Department of Public Safety is working alongside APD investigators. DPS keeps six bomb-sniffing dogs at the Capitol.

Johanson says even at UT, there's a need for bomb-sniffing dogs. 

"Domestic terrorism is growing," he said. "We have a lot of VIPs come to campus and we have a lot of events so it's good to stay ahead of any dangers."

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