Video shows brutal mob attack that killed Austin man in Greece

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- Newly released surveillance camera video reportedly shows a mob attacking an Austin man in Greece.

Posted to YouTube by a Greek newspaper, the 15-minute video shows the violent attack on 22-year-old Bakari Henderson. The video, dated July 7, shows a man, who appears to be Henderson, running on the sidewalk and then into the street.

As he's running, several men tackle him and push him into a parked car. Over the next 10-20 seconds, numerous men can be seen punching him and kicking him while he is on the ground.

A couple of people can be seen trying to break up the mob but the suspects continue to hover around the victim. The video also shows one of the suspects hit another bystander during the melee.

When the crowd disperses about one minute later, the driver moves the car next to where Henderson fell. People can be seen signaling for help and asking people to call police. Authorities pull up about two minutes after the attack.

Nine Serbian men have been charged in connection with Henderson's death. Greek authorities determined Henderson died from severe blows to the head.

Henderson's funeral is set for this weekend.

Full video of the incident below. Warning: Graphic content.

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