Almost 4,000 children are waiting for adoption in Texas

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- Nearly 4,000 children are waiting to be adopted in Texas, a statistic advocates are highlighting in November for National Adoption Month.

About 30 children spent the night in a Child Protective Services office in Travis County because they didn't have a place to go. Travis County Judge Darlene Byrne said many children are waiting up to two years to find a place with a family, and that the need for foster families is always present. As of Wednesday in Austin, 119 children were waiting for foster homes.

"The children shouldn't be waiting," Byrne said. "The families should be waiting."

She hopes someday the statistics will be flipped, with more foster families willing to take in children than there are children who need them. However, there has been a shift recently -- about 2/3 of children end up with relatives.

"There's a big push to find aunts and uncles and cousins and godparents to come and step forward for their own biological family members and support those who are a little less fortunate and can't raise their children safely," Byrne said.

At various days throughout the month, courthouses around the state will hold adoption days to celebrate those children who find their forever home. Courthouses transform into wonderfully-decorated themes and there's cake and other celebrations once the judge makes an adoption official.

People who want to get involved or learn more about adoption or foster care can go to the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange website.

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