Round Rock High students pushing back on dress code crackdown

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) -- Three weeks into the school year, students at Round Rock High School are fired up about the enforcement of their school dress code.

There are more than 1,500 signatures and counting in an online petition titled "Nike Shorts at RRHS" describes "dress code sweeps" happening across the campus during class. A letter on the site from a student goes on to say that a majority of girls are getting in trouble for wearing a similar style of athletic shorts to class, which they have been allowed to wear in the past.

"This isn't revealing at all I don't think," said senior Victoria Morrison while showing us the shorts after school. "You can't really see anything. They're baggy and they're comfortable."

A Round Rock ISD spokesperson tells KXAN News there have been no changes to the dress code policy, and the athletic shorts themselves are not the problem-it's the length.

The student handbook states, "shorts must be at finger-tip or mid-thigh length as measured with relaxed shoulders," and goes on to say, "modesty will be the dominant feature in all clothes."

Some parents say the dress code is the dress code, it is not a democracy and parents should be the ones making sure their children are dressed appropriately when they leave the house.

Students say part of the problem is there has been little to no enforcement of the dress code until this school year, and clothes they've worn before are now against the rules including certain shirts with small straps for girls and leggings.

"It's just the drastic change out of nowhere that's just uncalled for," said senior Garrett Burger.

The district says they gave plenty of notice about the dress code enforcement this school year. The first two weeks of school they allowed a grace period and teachers were instructed to only give students warnings. The principal said two separate emails went out to parents during that time clarifying the rules and copies of the dress code were printed out and handed to students.

This third week, the consequences started kicking in. Some students have been sent home to change while others have gotten detention and are required to come to Saturday school.

Students tell KXAN there is an organized effort underway to get as many people as possible to wear athletic shorts to school on Wednesday.


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