Most serious charges dropped for couple accused of shooting deputy

DALE, Texas (KXAN) - Two people accused of shooting a Caldwell County deputy will face deadly conduct charges. The grand jury decided to no bill the more serious charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

A grand jury indicted Kimberley Moore and Eduardo Padilla, Jr. on May 9. The Caldwell County District Attorney says they presented both cases to the jury, which decided to indict on the lesser count. Bond for each is set at $50,000.

Around midnight Feb. 2, deputies responded to a call at a home on Hidden Oak Road in Dale Texas. Moore and Padilla allegedly shot Deputy Jay Johnson. According to the couple's lawyer, they claimed they fired in self-defense, believing the deputies were squatters who live across the street who had previously threatened them. They say Johnson came up to their door with no lights on his car and his flashlight pointed at them.

Johnson had to undergo multiple rounds of surgeries and is in physical therapy. His wife said he was hit by three bullets: one grazed his forehead, one hit his shoulder and one went through his wrist and hit his vest. His medical expenses are covered because he was hurt on duty, but his family set up a GoFundMe to pay for other items they may need.


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