Family remembers Wells Branch Parkway shooting victim as a happy soul

AUSTIN (KXAN) -- Austin Police are still searching for the suspect or suspects in a deadly shooting in Northeast Austin along Wells Branch Parkway, just east of Heatherwilde Boulevard.

Police found 20-year-old Alexander Macias-Garcia dead behind the wheel of a car and his oldest brother with wounds laying outside the car they were driving.

Now, the Macias-Garcia family is asking anyone who has information about their loved one's murder to come forward.

"He'd spend his time here at home, with his guitar and sometimes, I'd be laying down and he would show up, sing songs, and well now, it's only memories that are left," Alex's brother said. We're not using his name because he's afraid of retaliation. He remembers the night of the shooting.

"He was happy wherever he went, we would go out a lot, but fortunately I wasn't with him that day," his brother said. That night he decided to stay home, while Alex and their oldest brother went dancing, only one of them came home.

"My oldest brother says he doesn't know more, just that a car was following them and then started shooting." their brother says. "He didn't see anything, it just hit him by surprise because they were shooting and he lost consciousness."

When police arrived, Alex was found dead behind the wheel. The oldest brother lying on the ground next to the car they were driving.

"It's just unbelievable, from one day to the next, [police say] 'oh well they killed your brother' and you don't even know why," Alex's brother said. Now he's looking for answers. "I don't know why they did it, but I hope they never feel what we're feeling because I don't know how they had the valor to do that, he was basically a kid," Alex's brother says.

He remembers him as a kid, who looked up to his older brothers and wanted to do what they did. Even come to the U.S. to chase after the American Dream.

"I watched him grow up, it's hard, it's difficult, and I'll never be able to get past it because we'll always remember him," Alex's brother says holding back tears. "Beautiful memories, that's the only thing we're left with, there's nothing more."

Police are asking anyone that saw anything that night to please call or text Austin Crime Stoppers.

The family has also set up a fundraising page to help with funeral costs.

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