Brothers say cyberbullying led to suicide of San Antonio 16-year-old

SAN ANTONIO (KXAN) -- A Facebook post is bringing cyber bullying into the light after the suicide death of a San Antonio student.

"He just wanted to be accepted," said his brother. "All he wanted was to feel involved."

The brothers of David Molak wrote in a Facebook post that cyber bullying directly led to their brother's suicide. David's brother, Chris Molak, told WOAI that he wants to hold people accountable for what they said to his brother. Chris says he is speaking out to show the world how words can effect people.

According to his family, David was pushed too far by his peers. "He just wanted to be accepted," said Chris. "All he wanted was to feel involved."

WOAI reported that Chris believes the bullying stemmed from his classmates' jealousy over David's "beautiful girlfriend who loved him so much." Chris said students would mock David saying he looked like a monkey.

The night of his death, Chris said David was added to a group text with unknown numbers who continued to torment him. In the Facebook post, David's other brother Cliff said he "saw the pain in David's eyes," as "he stared off into the distance for what seemed like an hour," after reading the texts from his peers. David committed suicide that same night, Jan. 3.

David reportedly transferred from Alamo Heights after bullying increased; his family says his former classmates are the ones who took it too far and should be held accountable.

The school district's wellness coordinator, Michelli Ramon, said they have not confirmed who the bullies are and needs a verbal confirmation from the family before they can move forward.

In an interview with WOAI, Chris said his shy brother wanted to be a CrossFit coach, gaining his confidence from working out.

Amanda Brandeis will have the full story on KXAN News tonight. 

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